Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards 2020

Investment Week is delighted to relaunch its Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards in 2020 at a key point in the evolution of this important part of the market.

Building on the proud 13-year history of these awards, Investment Week has given a fresh focus to the event and introduced a number of new categories to better reflect rapid developments in this area and the main interests of Investment Week readers.

These awards are intended to honour best-in-class fund providers, research and ratings teams and services providers who have a key part to play as sustainable and ESG investing moves into the mainstream.

This year we have bolstered the number of fund categories included in the awards with the introduction of Best Sustainable and ESG Equity, Bond, Multi-Asset and Alternatives categories. To reflect a high level of interest in the environmental and climate change theme in 2020 and beyond, there are also new categories for Best Environmental/Climate Change Equity fund and Best Environmental/Climate Change Bond fund, while the Best Green Bond fund category is another new addition.

We are also introducing an award for the Best Fund Management Group for Sustainable and ESG Integration to reflect increased activity and interest in this area at a time of transition for many asset managers.

In addition, we want to highlight groups that are contributing to the evolution of this sector and setting the agenda for the coming years. As a result, we are welcoming entries for the Best Sustainable & ESG Education Initiative and Best Thought Leadership Paper categories.

Meanwhile, we are acknowledging the growth in the services sector supporting the ESG and Sustainable investing sector with new awards for Best Sustainable & ESG Research & Ratings Provider, Best Sustainable & ESG Service Provider, and Best Sustainable & ESG Index Provider. Our Most Innovative Launch category is also open to entrants including products, portfolios, indices or services. In addition, our judging panel of industry experts has been extended this year to bring in a broader range of expertise, including fund selectors specialising in this area, to decide the winners for the new categories.


Best Sustainable & ESG Research & Ratings Provider
Best Sustainable and ESG Research Team 
Best Sustainable and ESG Service Provider 
Most Innovative Launch
Best Thought Leadership Paper
Best Sustainable & ESG ETF
Best Sustainable & ESG Index Provider
Sustainable and ESG Fund Management Group of the Year 
Best Sustainable & ESG WM/DFM Group
Best Group for ESG Integration
Outstanding Contribution to the Industry (Individual)
Best Sustainable & ESG Education Initiative
Best Newcomer
 Best Environmental / Climate Change Equity Fund
Best Environmental / Climate Change Bond Fund
Best Sustainable & ESG Equity Fund
 Best Sustainable & ESG Bond Fund
 Best Sustainable & ESG Multi-Asset Fund
Best Sustainable & ESG Alternative Assets Fund
Best Green Bond Fund
Best Impact Equity Fund
Best Impact Bond Fund

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