Exploring opportunities around the world

Global equities rebounded in the first half of 2023 after a very challenging year for investors in 2022. However, behind the headline figures, prospects are diverging for regional markets, as inflation comes down at varying speeds across the globe.

This has prompted renewed interest in regional equity strategies, as well as global propositions, as investors focus on identifying headwinds and tailwinds for individual countries and areas. They have also been identifying opportunities for you companies across the world, as they assess the longer-term impact of market drivers ranging from Japan’s corporate governance reforms to the rapid development of AI technologies.

At Investment Week’s Geographical Equities Conference, delegates will have the chance to interact with fund managers running a range of global equities strategies, including emerging markets, European, Japan, Asia, US, Global and UK portfolios. This will give them a valuable bigger picture view of the global equities landscape, as well as the chance to explore opportunities in specific global regions or sectors and consider how strategies may fit in clients’ portfolios.

This CPD-accredited event will provide time for delegates to network with fund managers and peers and will see multiple geographical strategies being presented in one place at one time.

Limited sponsorship opportunities available!

Get the opportunity to present your equity fund at this brand new event to 2024! There are limited slots available so get in touch today to find out how you can be involved. 

This one-day event will see multiple geographical strategies being presented in one place at one time. Download the sponsorship document here where you will see an example of how the agenda will run. The agenda will see four different managers presenting on UK equities, each presents 4 times to a quarter of the UK analysts at a time. Concurrently we will have four global equity managers presenting to the relevant delegates attending those sessions.

As a sponsor you will get the benefit of being able to network with all of the delegates in attendance during the breaks. You may also decide to put up 2 different strategies meaning that you present to 2 entirely different groups of attendees.



Louise Hanna
Business Development Director
Natasha Buckle
Commercial Director
Melissa Edwards
Head of Delegate Relations
Rebecca Hancock
Group Head of Marketing