Allianz Global Investors

Simon Gergel, Chief Investment Officer, UK Equities

Richard Knight, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Allianz UK Equity Income Fund

2021 UK Equity Income Recovery; Post Brexit, As the Country Emerges from the Pandemic the Prospects for UK Equity Income are Exciting

An introduction to the Allianz UK Equity Income Fund. The Fund has consistently delivered an above average income as well as strong total return outperformance in recent years, despite having a strong value bias in a growth-orientated environment. With the economy gradually recovering from the pandemic, and with international investors likely to view UK equities more favourably as Brexit uncertainty has been removed, there is an exceptional opportunity for the value style to outperform. Value shares have rarely been cheaper, and the Fund has a significant value bias, to take advantage of this expected market rotation.

Baillie Gifford

Gerard Callahan, Head of UK

Fund: The Baillie Gifford UK Equity Alpha Fund

Long Term Growth Opportunities in the UK: Baillie Gifford UK Alpha Fund

Gerard Callahan has (successfully) managed the UK Alpha Strategy for over 20 years (with a few bumps along the way). He will discuss the key traits of his long-term investing philosophy, his preference for high quality growing businesses, and the importance of resisting the temptation to trade too often.

Gresham House
Brendan Gulston, Investment Director
Fund: LF Gresham House UK Multi Cap Income Fund

UK Equity Income: Are dividends bound to rebound in 2021?

Brendan Gulston co-fund manager of the market-leading LF Gresham House UK Multi Cap Income Fund will discuss the reasons to be optimistic for a rebound in dividends; why 2021 presents investment opportunities for UK income investors; Valuations and opportunities in the UK equity market; as well as where we're investing money, including recent portfolio activity, current positioning and portfolio themes.

M&G Investments

Rory Alexander, Fund Manager

Fund: M&G UK Select Fund

UK Equity: A Rich Hunting Ground for Quality Compounders

Rory Alexander, lead manager of the M&G UK Select Fund, will discuss potential drivers of the UK equity market in 2021 and cover why he feels the UK can offer opportunities to invest in high quality sustainable growth companies at attractive valuation levels. He will focus on the concept of diverse quality and how this is implemented in the portfolio.

Mirabaud Asset Management

Jeremy Hewlett, UK Equity Portfolio Manager

David Kneale, Head of UK Equities

Fund: UK Equity High Alpha fund

The Importance of ‘Scalability’ in UK Equities

If investors were able only to focus on one thing in stock selection, on a single business attribute, then we would proffer that they think about how a business scales. The Internet has changed scale dynamics profoundly; large, medium and small companies can all scale to degrees previously considered impossible (and unimaginable) both within their domestic economies and obviously beyond borders and so economic advantages and investment opportunity is not defined by market size or geography. Businesses that scale are of high quality and where such attributes are insufficiently recognised, then stock pickers are presented with a rich opportunity. The UK is home to a significant number of scale companies and Jeremy and David will explain how their differentiated approach uncovers scale opportunity and how their experience in the UK equity sector, combined with their approach to risk, allows them to construct a high conviction portfolio with above average return potential.

Bill Casey, Fund Manager

Nick Kissack, Fund Manager

Fund: Schroder UK Alpha Plus

Mind the GAAP(1)! Why QARP(2) Investing Makes Sense

(1)Growth At Any price, (2) Quality At a Reasonable price

Whilst 2020 was a strong reminder to expect the unexpected, we are approaching the new year with a fresh perspective and the prospect for more balance returning to the UK market.