Allianz Global Investors

Simon Gergel, Chief Investment Officer, UK Equities

Richard Knight, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Allianz UK Equity Income Fund

2021 UK equity income recovery continues - the prospects for UK equity income are exciting.
An introduction to the Allianz UK Listed Equity Income Fund. The Fund has consistently delivered an above average income as well as strong total return outperformance in recent years, despite having a strong value bias in a growth-orientated environment. With the economy gradually recovering from the pandemic, and with international investors likely to view UK equities more favourably as Brexit uncertainty has been removed, there is an exceptional opportunity for the value style to outperform. Value shares have rarely been cheaper, and the Fund has a significant value bias, to take advantage of this expected market rotation.

AXA Investment Managers

George Luckraft, Senior Portfolio Manager

Fund: AXA Framlington Monthly Income Fund

Growing opportunities for active income seekers
Now is a golden time for multi cap active stock pickers due to increasing inefficiency driven by the growth of index tracking, ETF’s and reduced independent research in the mid and small cap area of the market. In addition investing for income from equities is not dead with very limited alternative options to obtain meaningful income without taking a significant degree of risk. As profitability recovers as economies open up post pandemic so will dividends and these dividends should be more secure.

Octopus Investments

Chris McVey, Senior Fund Manager

Fund: FP Octopus UK Multi Cap Income

How a multi-cap approach to income investing can usefully diversify a client’s portfolio
Delegates will learn how they can add a different dimension to their UK Equity Income allocation. Chris McVey will also be talking about the equity income sector, the advantages of a multi cap approach to income, including how it reduces concentration risk and why we look beyond dividend yield to deliver returns.

River and Mercantile

Hugh Sergeant, Head of Value and Recovery Strategies

Fund:  ES River and Mercantile UK Recovery Fund

ES R&M UK Recovery Fund
Hugh Sergeant, Head of Value and Recovery investing at River and Mercantile, has a 30 year successful track record of investing across different market environments. He believes that the recent return to favour for value and recovery stocks is just the beginning of an upward cycle. With this presentation, Hugh explains how his way of investing, backed by a process and team built especially to combine quantitative and fundamental analysis, ensures he can invest across the market to uncover hidden value-based gems to form a multi-cap and multi-factor portfolio.

Royal London Asset Management

Richard Marwood, Senior Fund Manager

Fund: RL UK Equity Income Fund

UK Equities – Why Private Equity can see the sun
There is a saying that says “behind the clouds the sun still shines” and the UK equity market is a prime example of this. There have been many dark clouds casting a shadow over the UK in the recent past but are we now seeing the sky starting to clear? The recent acquisition activity by private equity firms would suggest that this is the case, so what are they seeing that the average investor isn’t. In this session Richard Marwood will discuss why we should be following their lead and exchanging our umbrellas for sunglasses.

T.Rowe Price

Mitchell Todd, Portfolio Manager

Fund: T. Rowe Price Responsible UK Equity Fund

Introducing the T. Rowe Price Responsible UK Equity Fund

We believe in the opportunity for UK companies. And with a local presence dating back to 1979 and around £20 billion invested in UK PLC, we have the expertise to capitalise on those opportunities. We will explain where we are finding these companies, including through AIM. By applying an active and conscientious approach to investing, we believe we can generate sustainable returns in the long term.