Welcome to the Specialist Investment Awards 2020

The winners will be announced editorially on 2nd December over at InvestmentWeek.co.uk

The Investment Week Specialist Investment Awards celebrate talent in less well covered or niche segments of the funds industry. They recognise managers who are true specialists in their chosen field, while highlighting boutique and passive managers providing outstanding and unique propositions to clients.

Factors setting the winners apart include: uniqueness of asset class and strategy; consistency of returns; strong management teams; local teams & resources; and providing affordable access for investors to a specialist area of the market.

Entrants must show they are providing a particular missing link in a portfolio to maximise portfolio diversification.

In terms of active managers, judges want entrants to demonstrate a robust investment process, strong performance record and specialist expertise in their chosen field.

In the factor-based and smart-beta categories, judges will look to reward managers who use different risk premia and combinations thereof, can demonstrate a robust product structure and innovative offering.

In the passives arena, where more and more specialist strategies are being created, judges expect to see products which offer investors efficient access to an exciting range of regions, markets or asset classes. 


Group Awards

Boutique of the Year (below £1bn AUM)

Boutique of the Year (£1bn- £5bn AUM)

Best Specialist Equity Group of the Year

Best Specialist Fixed Income Group of the Year

Best Specialist Multi-Asset Group of the Year

Best Specialist ETF Provider

Active Fund Awards

Best Specialist Real Assets Fund

Best Specialist Emerging & Frontier Markets Fund

Best Specialist Emerging Market Debt Fund

Best Specialist Infrastructure & Utilities Fund

Best Specialist Renewable Energy Fund

Best Specialist Healthcare & Biotechnology Fund

Best Specialist Technology & Telecommunications Fund

Best Short-Duration Bond Fund

Best Specialist High Yield Debt Fund

Best Specialist Fixed Income Fund

Best Specialist Risk Targeted Fund/Fund Range

Best Specialist Small/Micro-Cap Fund

Passive Fund Awards

Best Specialist Frontier & Emerging Markets ETF

Best Specialist Factor Based & Smart Beta ETF

Best Specialist Technology ETF

Best Specialist Fixed Income ETF

Best Specialist Environmental ETF

Best Specialist Real Assets ETF


For entry queries:
Rebecca Hancock
Head of Marketing
+44 (0)20 7484 9775
For sponsorship queries contact:
Natasha Buckle
Commercial Director
+44 7557 283 087