BNY Mellon - UK Equity Income

UK Income: Where now for dividends?

As lead manager of the BNY Mellon UK Income fund (c.£1bn) Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and passion about investing for income in the UK. During these unprecedented times, Emma will discuss the latest dividend cuts and what that means for investors in 2020 and beyond. She will give a recap on the strategy and explain how the disciplines embedded in her process differentiate the fund and continue to deliver outperformance. At a time when the investors are facing a number of headwinds including the economic fallout from coronavirus, dividend cuts and BREXIT, Emma explains why she believes UK equities are attractively valued and well placed to deliver on clients objectives for both growth and income in the long term.

Catalyst Fund Managers - Global Real Estate Fund

Global Listed Real Estate – income plus growth

Global developed market real estate offers investors an ability to earn very attractive yields while capturing inflationary type growth over the long term. Public market real estate includes “alternative” sub-sectors such as lab space, towers, data centres and residential rental housing that have been able to deliver strong rental returns even through the current crisis. These are hard to access in the direct market, given the scale and platform required to operate them, in addition to this, the liquidity of the public markets allow investors to move quickly between sub sectors within real estate as markets conditions and pricing changes. Real estate as an asset class has a complimentary roll in any well diversified multi-asset portfolio. Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of diversification and liquidity that you get from global public market real estate.

GAM Investments - Star Credit Opportunities

Subordinated financial debt; where to find steady, high, predictable income.

Atlanticomnium’s Jeremy Smouha highlights the appeal of the subordinated debt of European financials, in particular their steady income stream and the fact they are benefiting from ongoing regulatory changes which have made the system safer and stronger. Whereas past periods of crisis banks have been part of the problem, Jeremy points out that now, with solid fundamentals and vastly improved regulatory capital, banks & the financial sector are working with governments & central banks to be part of the solution.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management - Global Environmental Impact Equity

Driving Environmental Impact in Public Equity

Support from politicians, consumers and technology has never been greater and more unified in the fight against climate change than today. The question on many investors’ minds is not whether climate change is happening or not – instead, it is what does climate change mean for our investment portfolios? The climate transition will likely result in significant policy changes and a dramatic increase in consumer and corporate awareness, driving revolutionary changes and solutions especially out of the corporate sector. Whether it is offering new, sustainable products to an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer, or innovative industrial solutions that can help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, companies that are driving greater environmental sustainability have already experienced a significant increase in demand and are set to benefit from continued demand tailwinds over the coming decades. For those investors who can align their portfolios to these key environmental themes, not only can they benefit from tremendous long term growth, but their capital can also have a meaningful impact in the process. In other words, investors can do well, by doing good.

M&G - Emerging Markets Bond Fund

A best ideas global emerging market bond fund

Claudia Calich/Charles de Quinsonas, Fund Manager/Deputy Fund Manager of the M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund, will provide some background on the expansion of the EMD Team in this ensuing period, including the hiring of a number of experts in sub-areas within the sector. During the presentation, she/he will explain why she/he believes that having a blended and flexible approach can outperform, as well as an update on her/his current macro and market views.

Natixis Investment Managers - Loomis Sayles US Equity Leaders

A rare combination: high quality, secular growth, deep discounts. Building a portfolio of U.S. Equity Leaders.

Loomis Sayles are an active manager with a long-term, private equity approach to investing. They maintain a strong belief that a focus on the quality of a manager's investment philosophy, process, and decision-making is essential for assessing the probability of future success. Learn about their alpha thesis and differentiated approach to growth equity investing in the U.S.

Nomura - Global Dynamic Bond Fund

Dickie Hodges discusses the performance and allocation of the Nomura Global Dynamic Bond Fund. He introduces his view of the rally post the Covid crisis, and where investors can make money from here.

PGIM - Investing for growth: opportunities in global, US & emerging markets equities

Acceleration of secular growth trends in a post-pandemic world

Early 2020 will be remembered as one of the most disconcerting periods in recent history as the devastating COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly around the globe, disrupting markets and daily life everywhere. After soaring to fresh all-time highs in February, global equity markets suffered the swiftest and sharpest declines on record before showing signs of wavering recovery. While companies large and small are feeling the pain from the abrupt halt to economic activity, opportunities have emerged for innovative firms able to meet changing consumer demand in this new social distancing climate. Not all of them will succeed. Active managers with a successful long-term track record can offer the critical analysis necessary to identify secular growth companies that may emerge as new market leaders. During this presentation, Raj Shant, Managing Director and portfolio specialist at Jennison Associates, will share his views on compelling secular trends that Jennison expects to get a supercharged boost in the post-coronavirus era, the current investment landscape and how the team are positioning the funds to take advantage of growing secular themes.

RWC - Next Generation Emerging Markets

The Next Generation of Emerging Markets

The universe of small emerging markets offer under-researched opportunities similar to those of the large emerging markets 10-15 years ago with strong influences from commodities and light manufacturing relocation from China.

RWC - European & UK Equity

Predicting the unpredictable – stock picking that still works

After a successful 2019 and good relative performance in 2020, the RWC European team will be presenting how active management and stock picking still works. Russell will detail how engagement with companies over the long term enables us to identify exciting opportunities. He will also explain how focusing on disruption and technology enables the team to find long term winners and avoid the losers.

Sanlam - GBP Hybrid Capital Bond

Generating Secure Income in 2020 and beyond - where do bonds fit in - and which ones?

Globally, developed market government bond yields are near rock bottom and in some cases, negative. Real Yields (Yields after inflation) are largely in negative territory. For many investors, moving to higher nominal rates available from government bonds in emerging economies involves shouldering risks that are simply too much to bear. Against this complex and challenging backdrop, investors should focus on debt instruments issued by large, household name companies who are cash generative and able to weather the economic storm of COVID - 19. Even if the economic downturn from COVID-19 extends materially or worsens, there is reasonable risk reward available from exposure to strong balance sheets of the large, household names companies. Extra return can be generated in this environment through careful security selection including different classes of debt across the corporate capital structure.

Tokio Marine - Tokio Marine Japanese Equity

Just the facts, if you care (about Japan)

There is hardly any media coverage nowadays on Japan despite all the monetary policy deja-vu moments that are happening across the global markets. But we will save the Japanisation story for the next opportunity, and instead focus on topical themes - COVID-19, Abenomics, the Olympic games, and most importantly, where the money is going and how that impacts you - we will aim to keep this interactive and relevant.