Mark Benbow, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Aegon High Yield Bond Fund

High Yield: Unlocking Opportunities & Avoiding Pitfalls

High yield bonds had a banner year in 2023 with double-digit returns. As the economic outlook evolves, what lies ahead for the high yield market? Can the strong performance persist? Elevated yields are attractive, but slowing economic conditions present challenges. While this environment warrants balancing caution and optimism, high yield bonds can serve a key role in investors’ portfolios. In this presentation, Mark Benbow will share actionable insights on how to uncover opportunities and avoid pitfalls in the high yield market.

Gabriele Foà, Portfolio Manager 

Fund: Algebris Global Credit Opportunities

Jack Stephenson, US Fixed Income Investment Specialist

Fund: AXA US Short Duration High Yield

Seeking predictability through a short duration approach to US high yield investing

Whilst the US high yield market continues to defy investors with strong returns driven by lower-rated credits and a much more benign default environment than expected, there are potential threats on the horizon. Dispersion is increasing and inflation continues to play hard-ball, meaning that “higher for longer” is very much back on the table after December’s exuberance. Will high yield companies be able to afford to refinance at these levels? Why are spreads not reflecting a potential weaker economic environment? In uncertain times, fundamentals matter. Our disciplined and conservative approach to investing in the short duration segment of the US high yield market has stood the test of time through multiple market cycles, but what does 2024 and beyond have in store?

Edward Harrold, Investment Director

Fund: Capital Group UK - Global High income Opportunities

Daniel Farrell, Director, International Short Duration, Fixed Income

Fund: The NT Global Bond ESG Climate Index Fund

 Chris Ellis, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Global Senior Secured Bonds

Claudia Calich, Head of Emerging Markets Debt

Fund: Emerging Markets Debt