Agenda & Sessions




14:30 - 14:40

Welcome address by Investment Week

14:45 - 15:20

Carillon Tower 

Funds: Eagle U.S. Small Cap Strategy, a sub-fund of Raymond James Funds.

Speaker: Matthew McGeary

15:25 - 16:00

Natixis Investment Managers

Fund: Loomis Sayles US Equity Leaders Fund.

Speaker: Hollie Briggs

16:00 - 16:35

Baillie Gifford Fund:

Fund: Baillie Gifford American Fund

Speaker: Gary Robinson



Fund: Baillie Gifford American Fund

In search of exceptional growth in a period of exceptional change

The global economy is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. The pace of innovation is accelerating as barriers to entry are being torn down by new technologies like mobile and cloud. Incumbents are being challenged across a broad range of industries by more focused upstarts who are better placed to leverage the tools of this new era. Against this backdrop there is little safety in mimicking an index. However, such an environment ought to create opportunities for long-term growth investors.


Fund: Loomis Sayles US Equity Leaders Fund.

Drivers of US Equity Alpha

Loomis Sayles will provide an update on their $80 billion Growth Equity Strategies approach to generating alpha. Hollie will explain how the disciplined investment process seeks to generate risk-adjusted excess returns


Fund:  Eagle U.S. Small Cap Strategy, a sub-fund of Raymond James Funds.

Eagle U.S. Small Cap Strategy – An active approach to US small cap investing

Matt McGeary, CFA, portfolio manager for Eagle Asset Management, will discuss how his team approaches U.S. small cap investing, by selecting companies that are durable franchises. An active portfolio management approach can help capitalize on inefficiencies in the U.S. small cap market given the nature of the Russell 2000 Index. Matt will also discuss how Incorporating ESG factors into traditional financial analysis may identify potential risks not uncovered by traditional valuation approaches.