Fund: AB Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio

Sustainable Investing for a Changing Environment: Empowering Transitions to a Better World

If we had to find an adjective for the last year and a half, we would choose the adjective anomalous. We have encountered a new situation that is not only affecting our investments but also our private life and our way of living. Issues of climate, healthcare and inequality are more important than ever. Investors have asked: how can an equity strategy empower positive change? We will explore how investing in themes powered by the UN SDGs can be good for the world and a portfolio.

Baillie Gifford

Fund: Baillie Gifford Positive Change Fund

Investing for Positive Change

Living standards have improved significantly over recent centuries, but the benefits haven’t been felt by all. Growing inequalities, persistent poverty and climate change are some of the most pressing challenges we need to solve now, and in the decades to come. Businesses and investors can help steer our world onto a more sustainable path. Alison Cuthbert will discuss how patient investors can utilise a forward looking, active, positive approach to contribute to a more sustainable world and at the same time generate attractive investment returns.


Fund: BlueBay Impact Aligned Bond Fund

Investing in Liquid Credit with positive impact

There is a lot more that public debt markets can do to support sustainable investing than purely targeting ESG-labelled bonds. Thematic allocations can help investors support global sustainability megatrends through investing in liquid conventional bonds. We believe investors seek to invest in issuers that make a positive contribution to both people and planet and that those investors should not limit themselves to bond ‘labels.’ Proactively investing with intentionality is what we look to discuss with you in this session – together, let’s get the conversation started!

BMO Global Asset Management

Fund: Responsible Global Equities

Investing with impact in mind: BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund

Our world faces significant challenges – climate change, social inequalities and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to name a few. But we at BMO GAM are optimistic about the future, believing in the ability of society, companies and individuals to discover sustainable solutions to respond to these challenges and create opportunity from adversity. Our Responsible Global Equity Strategy strives to play its part in mobilising private capital towards securing a more sustainable future for all. Join Jamie Jenkins, Directors of the Responsible Global Equity Fund team, where he will look at the fund performance and how the fund delivers sustainable opportunities for clients.


Fund: Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF

Green Bond ETFs – Impactful Investing for a Greener Future

Green Bonds are a way for investors to fund environmentally friendly projects, with proceeds earmarked for climate change mitigation or sustainable adaptation efforts. Lyxor was the pioneer of the first Green Bond ETF on the European market back in 2017 and we have now accumulated over £500m in assets to this fund. We have recently expanded into European Sovereign Green Bond market, with our new ETF comprised of CBI-aligned, investment grade sovereign bonds. In 2020, the Lyxor Green Bond ETF reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 438,379 tCO2, equivalent to 94,709 passenger vehicles driven for one year* – so let’s take a look at a truly impactful ETF range for your portfolios.

Source: Lyxor International Asset Management, 08/12/2020. Conversion tool:

WHEB Asset Management

Fund: FP WHEB Sustainability Fund

Defining Impact

A new economy is emerging, driven by a shift towards a low-carbon and sustainable future. Companies that contribute to this new economy will be those that succeed in the long term. Investing in them benefits your clients and a wider society. At WHEB Asset Management we aim to fulfil moneys purpose by investing in companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Our Sustainable Impact strategy, a global growth mid cap equity strategy, only invests in companies that are solving sustainability challenges. As a specialist boutique manager solely focused on sustainable investing learn how we approach impact and what this can mean for your clients.