Arcano Capital

Alessandro Pellegrino, Portfolio Manager and Managing Director of Arcano

Fund: Arcano Low Volatility European Income Fund

Sustainability from the perspective of a fixed income investor: ESG factors supporting income generation

Credit markets, especially below Investment Grade, have historically suffered from a notable lack of sustainable investment options compared to equity markets. Lack of public disclosure from companies and poor coverage from independent ESG providers have often been pointed out as the main reasons for that. Yet, in our view it is precisely in credit markets where ESG factors appear to have the most notable impact on long term performance. In this presentation we look at long term income generation from a sustainability perspective, and at hurdles and opportunities of integrating ESG factors in credit selection.

Baillie Gifford

Rosie Rankin, Product Specialist, Positive Change

Fund: Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust

A Change in Name, A Change in Strategy: It’s All Positive. Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust

Baillie Gifford was appointed manager of Keystone Positive Change investment trust in February 2021. Meet Rosie Rankin, a director at Baillie Gifford who has worked on the Positive Change strategy since inception as she describes what Positive Change means, how the investment trust structure is well suited to impact investing and what to expect in terms of impact reporting.


- What does Positive Change mean and how do you think about it in a portfolio context

- Why is the investment trust structure particularly well suited to impact investing

- How to think about reporting of non-financial metrics and impact reporting

BMO Global Asset Management

Nick Henderson, Director, Global Equities

Fund: BMO Sustainable Opportunities Global Equity Fund

locking Sustainable Opportunities, With A Focus On Good Health and Well-Being

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the challenges around healthcare and well-being. These are not new challenges, but never more immediate than now. From the pressures of ageing demographics, to fiscal and capacity pressures on healthcare systems, we need to facilitate a society that minimises admissions and delivers better healthcare outcomes where they are required. In introducing the BMO Sustainable Opportunities Global Equity Fund, we will explore the plethora of companies addressing this healthcare challenge and the opportunities that it presents.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Luke Barrs, Portfolio Management

Fund: Goldman Sachs Global Environmental Impact Equity Portfolio

      Environmental Impact: Investing in the Green Economy

      As governments, corporates and consumers are ever more unified in driving a global sustainability revolution, there is a growing potential for disruption in how we live, work and consume. The world is being shaped by themes and trends in clean energy, resource efficiency, sustainable consumption, the circular economy and water sustainability. We believe that by taking a bottom-up approach of investing in companies that can provide solutions that target these five trends, we can have meaningful environmental impact and competitive performance.


      Katherine Davidson, Portfolio Manager, Schroders

      Fund: Schroder Global Sustainable Growth Fund

      Corporate Karma: Why Shareholders Should Care About Stakeholders

      Companies do not operate in a vacuum’ –this is a firm belief at Schroders, and never before has it felt so true. The coronavirus crisis has thrust corporate social responsibility into the spotlight, and shareholders have had to share the pain to support wider stakeholders. We believe this is the start of a new social contract driving corporate behaviour. In this webinar, Katherine Davidson, Portfolio Manager of Schroders’ Global Sustainable Growth Fund, will discuss our approach to sustainable investing. She will explain the importance of a proprietary approach to identify sustainable companies, and the framework and tools we employ. Most importantly, she will demonstrate why they should outperform, aligning shareholder and stakeholder interests over the long term.

      WHEB Asset Management

      Ted Franks, Fund Manager & Partner

      Fund: FP WHEB Sustainability Fund

      Defining Impact

      A new economy is emerging, driven by a shift towards a low-carbon and sustainable future. Companies that enable the transition to this new economy have a huge opportunity. Investing in them benefits your clients and a wider society. At WHEB Asset Management we aim to fulfil moneys purpose by investing in companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. That means companies who earn their revenues by directly providing a solution, rather than those that are just searching for ways to make their supply chain more sustainable. This is the difference between impact investing, and ESG investing. As a specialist boutique manager solely focused on impact investing, learn how we approach it and what this can mean for your clients.