Aegon Asset Management

Iain Snedden, Investment Specialist

Fund: Aegon Global Sustainable Equity Fund

Perfect Is the Enemy of Good

Perfection is always difficult to achieve. Whilst we should strive for it in everything we do, including ESG investing, we should also recognise the contribution of improvement, both in terms of providing sustainable solutions and generating investment returns. The session will discuss how independent sustainable analysis and committed engagement efforts are crucial to this philosophy and the approach employed by the Aegon Global Sustainable Equity Fund.

BMO Global Asset Management

Nick Henderson, Director, Global Equities

Fund: BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund

Investing With Impact In Mind

Our world faces significant challenges – climate change, social inequalities and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to name a few. But we at BMO GAM are optimistic about the future, believing in the ability of society, companies and individuals to discover sustainable solutions to respond to these challenges and create opportunity from adversity. Our Responsible Global Equity Strategy strives to play its part in mobilising private capital towards securing a more sustainable future for all, alongside delivering positive financial performance. Discover how we use our fund to drive positive change, and how we measure the impact of our investments.

Kempen Capital Management

Martijn Kleinbussink, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Kempen Global Sustainable Equity Fund

A Transition To A Sustainable Economy

The transition to a sustainable economy is happening now, changing and disrupting the world as we know it and shaping markets for years to come. These rapid changes are creating exponential growth opportunities in global economies and financial markets. During the presentation we'll explore: How has our conception of sustainability evolved? Which industries and companies are best positioned to succeed, and why? What sources of alpha are available to funds that seek to support this transition? Learn how and why Kempen constructs a strategy that incorporates these considerations and evinces these trends.

Sanlam Investments

Mark Whitehead, Fund Manager

Fund: Sanlam Sustainable Global Dividend Strategy

Sustainability Pays Dividends

Investing in companies that operate sustainably leads to better outcomes for all stakeholders, as it demonstrably benefits society by enabling a transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and circular economy. Companies that combine strong dividend and sustainability credentials are more likely to offer visibility of earnings and dividend growth as well as strong total returns over the long term. These enduring beliefs are central to the investment philosophy of the Sanlam Sustainable Global Dividend Strategy. In this presentation, lead fund manager Mark Whitehead presents the strategy and how it is positioned to capture opportunities in the months and years ahead.

Twenty-Four Asset Management

Chris Bowie, Partner, Portfolio Management 

Fund: Vontobel Fund - TwentyFour Sustainable Short Term Bond Income

Sustainability in Fixed Income

Interest in ESG strategies has grown rapidly in recent years as investors have looked for ways to ensure their investments can have a positive societal impact. While fixed income ESG investing has traditionally lagged behind the equity market, demand has increased recently as investors have recognised the importance bond markets can also have in helping to promote sustainability and how they can influence a company’s overall cost of capital. In this virtual session, Partner & Portfolio Manager Chris Bowie will introduce TwentyFour’s sustainable, short duration credit fund; “Vontobel Fund - TwentyFour Sustainable Short Term Bond Income”. Launched in January 2020 and now £80m in size, the Fund is designed for investors looking for low volatility income with a focus on sustainability. Chris will describe the quantitative work carried out ahead of launch, and give a live demo of ‘Observatory’ – TwentyFour’s proprietary ESG scoring and engagement database.