Fund: Algebris Financial Credit Fund
Speaker: Simon Peters, Investment Strategist

Where to find income in a yield desert
In the current landscape, yield is scarce and bound to remain scarce. Global central banks easing has suppressed yield in high quality assets, which have traditionally represented the core of long-term investment portfolios. Currently, 27% of global Fixed Income assets yield negative, while less than 5% of the bond universe yields north of 3%. European financial bonds offer high value, as attractive yields co-exist with strong credit quality (most issuers are Investment-grade). As financials are not included in ECB QE and are off-index, they offer meaningful spreads (up to ~600bps for AT1s), even in a tight market.

BMO Global Asset Management

Fund: BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund

Speaker: Jamie Jenkins, Managing Director, co-Head of Global Equities

Investing With Impact In Mind

Our world faces significant challenges – climate change, social inequalities and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to name a few. But we at BMO GAM are optimistic about the future, believing in the ability of society, companies and individuals to discover sustainable solutions to respond to these challenges and create opportunity from adversity. Our Responsible Global Equity Strategy strives to play its part in mobilising private capital towards securing a more sustainable future for all, alongside delivering positive financial performance. Discover how we use our fund to drive positive change, and how we measure the impact of our investments.

Canada Life Asset Management

Fund: LF Canlife Global Macro Bond Fund

Speaker: David Arnoud, Senior Fund Manager, Canada Life Asset Management

A truly global approach to fixed income: delivering non-correlated returns

Unlike in equities, UK investors continue to have a significant home market bias in fixed income, particularly from a currency perspective. David will highlight why maintaining a truly global approach to high quality bonds can deliver non-correlated returns for investors.

Natixis Investment Managers

Fund: Thematics Meta Fund
Speaker: Sam Richmond-Brown, Client Portfolio Manager, Thematics Asset Management


Fund: WisdomTree Cloud Computing UCITS ETF - USD Acc
Christopher Gannatti, Head of Research, Europe

Cybersecurity: A Megatrend for the 2020’s

Here we will discuss some of the critical issues and headlines in cybersecurity today. The growth of cloud computing has necessitated a hand-in-hand experience in growth, as well as in focus on cybersecurity. We conclude by detailing the way in which WisdomTree monitors the Cybersecurity Megatrend, as well as introducing a true expert in the space, Team8, which counts in its leadership a former director of the National Security Agency (NSA) in the U.S. and Unit 8200 in Israel.