Ardevora Asset Management

Jeremy Lang, Co-founder, CIO & PM

Fund: Ardevora Global Long-only Equity Fund

Navigating global equity markets using an understanding of behaviour
At Ardevora we are bottom-up stock pickers and believe that the key to investment is understanding behaviour. When we apply this to our Global Long-only Equity Fund, the output is an unusual portfolio consisting of lots of small, equally weighted positions investing in both growth and value stocks. In this session, we will discuss how we incorporate an understanding of behaviour into our investment process, why being able to own both growth and value stocks helped us to outperform global markets in 2020 and the opportunities that we are seeing going forwards.

Baillie Gifford

Toby Ross, Co-Head of Global Income Growth

Fund: The Baillie Gifford Responsible Global Equity Income Fund

Responsible income investing - it’s about time
2020 was a strong reminder that responsible income investing, with its focus on long-term income growth, is key to success. Toby Ross, co-manager of the Responsible Global Equity Income fund, will explain how our approach helped protect investors’ income in a year when global income is estimated to have fallen c. 15% and the traditional higher-yielding income providers provided no safe harbour in the storm. He will then describe the criteria we look for in the companies we invest in, where we see the biggest opportunities over the next decade, and explain why we think that investors need to think more broadly about dividend sustainability than they may have done in the past.

Credo Wealth

Jarrod Cahn, Lead Manager, Credo Global Equity Fund

Fund: Credo Global Equity Fund

Is Value the new black?
After being out of favour for a number of years, the recent market rotation has provided a welcome boon for value investors and seen many ask whether the strategy is back in vogue. Jarrod Cahn, lead manager of the Credo Global Equity Fund, will discuss the current trend, how the team thinks about value and finding high quality investment opportunities at attractive valuations.

River and Mercantile

Hugh Sergeant, Head of Value and Recovery Strategies

Fund: ES River and Mercantile Global Recovery Fund

Hugh Sergeant, Head of Value at Recovery at River and Mercantile, has 30 years’ experience of investing across different market environments. He believes that the recent return to favour for value stocks is just the beginning of a 36 month upward cycle. With this presentation, he explains how his way of investing, backed by a process and team built especially to combine quantitative and fundamental analysis, allows him to uncover hidden value-based gems, from a truly global investment universe that covers mega to micro-cap.