Fund: DWS Concept Kaldemorgen

Speaker: Nicolas Didelot, Head of Product Specialists Multi Asset EMEA, DWS

Multi Asset investing in the new yield environment: challenge or opportunity?

The financial markets have been on a rollercoaster ride over the last few years as all major Central Banks around the world united to fight the specter of inflation. If inflation has peaked, it remains sticky and interest rates may be higher for longer potentially impacting the global economy in the future. This whole new environment poses multiple challenges for investors. A Multi Asset Total Return strategy such as DWS Concept Kaldemorgen which embraces a broad investment universe and most importantly enjoys a high degree of flexibility to adjust its exposures is definitely an option of choice to address those challenges.

Federated Hermes

Fund: Federated Hermes US SMID Equity Fund

Speaker: Henry Biddle, CFA, ACA, Portfolio Manager, US SMID

Don't forget the little guy - Why the next five years belongs to US SMID
The US domestic economy is set to benefit from unique tailwinds over the next few years- infrastructure spend, reshoring, pent-up demand for housing and improving labour force productivity. With a clear domestic focus, US small and mid-cap companies should be outsized beneficiaries of these trends.
2023 and early 2024 have seen a narrow market driven by a combination of excitement around the prospects for large cap tech and fears of an economic slowdown. This has created a uniquely attractive entry point into an asset class which has been overlooked and looks well positioned from both a cyclical and structural perspective.
Henry will lay out the value he sees in the asset class and the way the strategy is positioned to aim to benefit from some of these attractive dynamics.

Muzinich & Co

Fund: An alternative approach to European Credit – Credit Market Neutral and European Credit Alpha.

Speaker: Jamie Cane, CFA, Portfolio Manager

An alternative approach to European Credit:

As an asset class, European high yield (HY) has the potential to offer compelling upside, but this comes with certain amount of risk and volatility. However, a European HY credit strategy that combines deep fundamental credit analysis with the right toolkit can seek to capture positive returns while protecting the portfolio from downside risk. In addition, for European HY investors seeking the opportunity for a higher return profile and a lower beta than a long-only European HY strategy can provide, a market neutral approach that seeks to capitalise on mispricing and market dislocations could be warranted.


Fund: Global High Yield

Speaker: Daniel Kraft, Vice President and Product Strategist PIMCO

The Case for High Yield Credit in Client Portfolios
With starting yields remaining close to their highest levels in decades, the high yield asset class offers investors attractive return potential over the medium term, but with potentially lower downside volatility than equities. As we continue to navigate through this period marked by uncertainty and market volatility, the total return prospects within the high yield market remain bright, but active management remains paramount in this asset class.