BMO Global Asset Management

Fund: BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund
Nick Henderson, Director, Global Equities, BMO Global Asset Management

Investing with impact in mind

Our world faces significant challenges – climate change, social inequalities and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to name a few. But we at BMO GAM are optimistic about the future, believing in the ability of society, companies and individuals to discover sustainable solutions to respond to these challenges and create opportunity from adversity. Our Responsible Global Equity Strategy strives to play its part in mobilising private capital towards securing a more sustainable future for all, alongside delivering positive financial performance. Discover how we use our fund to drive positive change, and how we measure the impact of our investments.

Natixis Investment Managers

Fund: Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund

Speaker: Amber Fairbanks, CFA ® Portfolio Manager Mirova

Mirova investing in a sustainable future

The world is undergoing significant transitions related to demographic, technological, environmental, and governance factors. Mirova strongly believes global markets systematically underappreciate the growth opportunities centered on these four long-term secular trends – and that the future success of a company will depend on managing the risks and exploiting the opportunities created by these transitions. Mirova’s process is based on the idea that identifying, buying, and holding high-quality, sustainable companies that are solution providers for the transitions the world must undergo will lead to outperformance from a financial perspective and allow us to build portfolios that create positive social and environmental impact.

PGIM Investments

Fund: PGIM Jennison Global Equity Opportunities Fund, PGIM Jennison Emerging Markets Equity Fund and PGIM Jennison US Growth Fund

Speaker: Raj Shant, Managing Director and Portfolio Specialist at Jennison Associates, a PGIM Business

What to Expect in Global, US and Emerging Markets Growth Equities

2020 was a year of social, professional, and technological disruption. Technologies such as digital payments, telehealth, and data warehousing saw soaring rates of adoption, while demand for commercial office space and retail properties tumbled. While lower market returns make it harder for investors to meet long-term financial goals, the ability to identify and invest early in disruptive and innovative companies with long-duration growth potential is critical to successful growth investing. Raj Shant, Managing Director and Portfolio Specialist at Jennison Associates, a PGIM business, will examine what lies ahead for equity investors and which disruptive trends will drive the global investment paradigm in the upcoming years. He’ll also explain how the team are positioning the funds to take advantage of growing secular trends and the importance of ESG considerations when evaluating high growth companies.


Fund: WisdomTree Cloud Computing UCITS ETF - USD Acc
Christopher Gannatti, Head of Research, Europe

Cybersecurity: A Megatrend for the 2020’s

Here we will discuss some of the critical issues and headlines in cybersecurity today. The growth of cloud computing has necessitated a hand-in-hand experience in growth, as well as in focus on cybersecurity. We conclude by detailing the way in which WisdomTree monitors the Cybersecurity Megatrend, as well as introducing a true expert in the space, Team8, which counts in its leadership a former director of the National Security Agency (NSA) in the U.S. and Unit 8200 in Israel.