BMO Global Asset Management

Gokce Bulut, Portfolio Manager

Fund: BMO Responsible Global Emerging Markets Equity

Can you invest responsibly in emerging market equities?

There are many implications and challenges to investing responsibly, particularly in emerging markets (EM). The road to Net Zero, the Social Contract in China and more generally how to think of companies and their impact in EM are some of the important considerations we take into account as long-term, quality investors. Join us as Gokce Bulut, fund manager of the BMO Responsible Global Emerging Markets Fund, discusses these implications and how the team have constructed a responsible portfolio of EM equities.


Kroum Sourov, Lead ESG analyst

Fund: Candriam Sustainable Bond Emerging Markets

Sovereign Sustainability – putting the environment centre stage

Candriam’s sovereign sustainability framework was developed with two goals in mind – to provide a materiality-based approach for evaluating countries, and to put the environment at the cornerstone of the analysis. Only by combining these two essential elements can a framework be both sustainable in the long term, and an essential element of measuring the creditworthiness of a sovereign issuer.

Morgan Stanley Global Sustain

Candida de Silva, Executive Director, Portfolio Specialist

Fund: Morgan Stanley Global Sustain

Morgan Stanley Global Sustain: Strong on Engagement, Light on Carbon, Built on Quality

Global Sustain features 25-50 of the highest quality stocks in the world. We believe the best way to compound wealth is by owning high-quality companies with sustainable and high returns over the long term: ‘sustainable compounders’. Successful long-term compounding requires integrating ESG and focusing on minimising the risk of permanent capital loss rather than chasing upside. The investment team views long-term, portfolio manager-led engagement as a critical underpinning to an active investment process. The portfolio has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the broader market and the team actively engages with company management on their decarbonisation strategies.

Vontobel Asset Management

Adrian Bender, Head of Fixed Income Client Portfolio Manager

Fund: Emerging Markets Corporate Bond

More reward without more risk: Why emerging markets are the key to yield through the cycle

How can you add to your portfolio’s yield while diversifying risk? Why and where does irrational behaviour persist? And what difference can active management offer. Adrian Bender, EM fixed income specialist, as he addresses misconceptions of emerging markets. He will explain the consistency of Vontobel’s strategies, and details why emerging markets corporates is our highest conviction for the current cycle.