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Roberta Barr

Boardroom 1 Boardroom 2

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Jupiter Asset Management

Abbie Llewellyn Waters


Mobeen Tahir

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Mobeen Tahir

Jupiter Asset Management

Abbie Llewellyn Waters

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Coffee break

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H2O Asset Management

Matthieu Genessay

J O Hambro Capital Management

Mark Costar

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J O Hambro Capital Management

Mark Costar

H2O Asset Management

Matthieu Genessay

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H2O Asset Management - Matthieu Genessay, Head of Client Portfolio Management

Fund: H2O MultiReturns Fund

Navigating Russian crisis: return to reflation, or stagflation? How absolute return strategies can bring diversification in this environment?

Sustained Post-Covid demand shock, and full employment are already forcing the Fed into action despite the Russian conflict.

Absolute return strategies with relative value trades on all asset classes can avoid the directional risk on equities, whilst protecting against higher rates over the medium-term.

J O Hambro Capital Management - Mark Costar, Senior Fund Manager

Fund: JOHCM UK Growth

A New Era: Finding the next generation of growth stocks

The twin pressures of Brexit and Covid have formed a new set of structural investment trends that have definitively changed the landscape for UK equities. In this new era, we believe the growth stocks of the future will not come from the existing coterie of high PE fans favourites, but from a new generation of undiscovered, mispriced enterprises ideally placed to harness these new structural trends. We will take you through how we understand these investment trends and are looking to exploit them to find undiscovered growth in UK equities.

Jupiter Asset Management - Abbie Llewellyn Waters, Head of Sustainable Investing

Fund: Jupiter Global Sustainable Equities Fund

Sustainable investing for planet, people and profit

In this session, Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, Jupiter’s Head of Sustainable Investing, will explain how the Jupiter Global Sustainable Equities Strategy aligns clients’ savings to a better world by identifying companies leading the transition to a more sustainable economy. This approach is based on active management and bespoke analysis, going beyond fundamentals to incorporate all factors with materiality and relevance to sustainability, focusing on outcomes rather than simple scores. Such analysis enables the strategy to minimise impact on the environment while maximising value for society – all while seeking the returns that clients need for their savings.

Schroders -  Roberta Barr, Fund Manager

Fund: Global Sustainable Value strategy

Can you combine unwavering value exposure with a laser-sharp focus on ESG Leaders? We’ll explore the marriage between the Schroder Global Value Team’s tried and tested value approach, with investment in companies that have a positive impact on society and have an industry leading sustainability profile. We’ll also discuss why active engagement is crucial to improve ESG outcomes over time. Our unique approach proves that you can invest in true ESG Leaders without sacrificing valuation.

WisdomTree - Mobeen Tahir, Director, Research

Fund: Green Energy Transition 

Energy Transition - The inevitable megatrend creating exciting investment opportunities

The world is gradually transitioning away from hydrocarbons to greener alternatives to meet its energy needs. While this process will continue to unfold over decades, the transition has already started to accelerate. The advent of electric vehicles and growth in renewable energy are exciting catalysts of change. But to be successful, these applications – among others – will require the development of green infrastructure around the world. Base metals are key enablers of the green technologies powering this megatrend and have reinvented themselves as thematic investments offering exciting long-term prospects for investors.

Join WisdomTree to discuss how investors can access the growth opportunity from the energy transition megatrend:

  • How can targeted equity exposures tap into industries with immense promise?
  • Which commodities are integral to new green technologies?
  • What are WisdomTree’s product solutions to access these themes?