Felix Martin, Fund Manager and Founding Partner 

Fund: 1167 Capital China Government Bond Fund

G10 government bonds traditionally provided investors with a unique combination of positive yields, low volatility, and ballast for risky assets. Yet for many years now, they have struggled to deliver on these qualities – depriving investors of a critical tool in portfolio construction. The emergence of China as the world’s second superpower, however, has meant the arrival of a real alternative. With consistently positive yields, low capital volatility, and a proven record as diversifiers for global risk assets, China Government Bonds look set to be one of the reserve assets of the future, and a valuable addition to any portfolio.


Alessandro Pellegrino, Portfolio Manager, Managing Director & Investment Comittee Member

Fund: Arcano Low Volatility European Income Fund

Generating income in times of reflation and economic reopening

Google searches for “inflation” have taken off, Twitter inflation hashtags have become mainstream, and monthly price data reports have newly become front-page headlines. With the global pandemic now mostly in the rear view mirror, talks of inflation have quickly stolen the show so far in 2021! So how do fixed income investors navigate such an environment? Exposure to floating rate instruments and short duration bonds, coupled with a defensive sector and company selection, is in our view the best approach to capture the recurring income component of credit markets while limiting price volatility through economic and interest rate cycles.

Ardea, a Fidante Partner’s affiliate

Gopi Karunakaran, Co-CIO

Fund: Ardea Global Alpha Fund 

The Ice Age in Bond Yields Doesn’t Have to Mean Frozen Returns

Bond yields and cash investment rates are near record lows and in some cases are negative. The outlook doesn’t look like changing in the foreseeable future. The risk and return balance for traditional fixed income strategies has become unfavourable for many investors. Fortunately, there are alternatives that offer investors higher expected returns than cash, but with lower volatility and the benefits of diversification. One such alternative is Relative Value (RV) fixed income investing. Ardea’s Global Alpha (AGA) Fund provides a solution for investors seeking alternatives to near zero or negative yielding cash and conventional government bond investments. It works as a defensive anchor to help navigate the ups and downs of markets, an uncorrelated source of returns or an alternative source of income with low volatility.

Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Dònal Kinsella, FIA, CAIA, Institutional Portfolio Manager

Fund: Eaton Vance Global High Yield Fund

Generating Returns in High Yield Corporate Bonds

With the worst effects in the pandemic seemingly in the rear-view mirror from a markets perspective, Donal Kinsella (Institutional Portfolio Manager on Eaton Vance’s leveraged credit team) discusses where to find opportunities in high yield corporate bonds. Despite lower headline yields, the Eaton Vance Global High Yield Bond Fund is still finding opportunities for attractive total returns, focusing on rising stars, economic re-openings and ESG as an investment opportunity.


Jon Mawby, Head of Investment Grade Credit

Fund: Pictet-Strategic Credit Fund

Managing fixed income risk in a reflationary environment

The past 40 years have been characterised by steadily falling inflation, and negative yields now account for large proportions of the investment-grade universe. Over the past decade, the duration of corporate bonds has been increasing while yields have been decreasing. “It looks like a crocodile’s jaws opening and, to my mind, I wouldn’t want my hand to be in there when it starts to snap shut,” says Jon Mawby, head of investment-grade credit at Pictet Asset Management. What happens if we get a regime shift from low-growth, low-inflation, long supply chains to shorter supply chains, higher inflation, and potentially higher growth? That would have tremendous repercussions for how you approach credit investment because it’s going to turn the last 40 years on its head in the way that people think about using credit products and think about risk management.


Paola Binns, Head of Sterling Credit

Fund: RL Short Duration Credit Fund 

How differentiated security selection builds portfolio strength

Government bond yields rose significantly over the first quarter of 2021, amidst debate as to whether inflation will rise or stay within central bank parameters. Paola Binns, Fund Manager of the RL Short Duration Credit Fund and RLAM Head of Sterling Credit, will provide a guide as to how the fund withstood this pressure through a diversified approach, which differentiates it from peers in the market. Paola will offer her views on areas of the market such as infrastructure type debt and where she sees value opportunities in the market currently. Paola will also explain her thoughts on the outlook for the sector and the direction in which bond yields may head next.