Fund: Barings Eastern Trust

Emerging Asian Equities: Shaping the Future of Consumption

From leading technologies, to shifting consumption patterns, to evolving business models to ESG, there are a number of factors driving the opportunity across Asian equities. Join Barings’ Emerging Markets Equity team as they explore the structural trends shaping this landscape and discuss the opportunities they expect to see going forward.

Matthews Asia

Andrew Mattock, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Matthews China Fund

Finding Resilient Growth Opportunities in China

China’s expanding universe has created a myriad of opportunities for investing in areas of the market previously inaccessible for investors- including the rapidly expanding consumer and consumer-related sectors such as information technology, communication services, health care, and light industrials. Andrew discusses how he finds resilient growth opportunities at attractive valuations to construct a high conviction all-cap, all-shares China portfolio.

PineBridge Investments

Siddhartha Singh, Investment Director - Asia Equities, PineBridge Investments, Hong Kong

Fund: PineBridge India Equity Fund

High-Growth Opportunities in a Complex Market

The confluence of two factors: Covid-19 headwinds and an all-time high equity market is making investors anxious not only about investing in India but also about India’s future. Siddhartha Singh, Investment Director of Asia Equities at PineBridge, believes the best is yet to come for India. The force vectors such as digitization, direct-to-consumer, climate change mitigating efforts, and geopolitical rewiring of supply chains, which had started impacting companies and their earnings before the pandemic, have now become extremely powerful. This investing opportunity due to disruption across industries is rare and plays to a stock-picker’s strength. Mr Singh will discuss why the PineBridge India Equity Fund, with its 15-year track record, is uniquely positioned to turn market disruptions into growth.