Steve Russell, Investment Director

Fund: LF Ruffer Total Return Fund

How to Protect Your Portfolio from Inflation Risks?

Steve Russell, manager of the Ruffer Total Return Fund, will highlight the risk of inflation, its damaging impact on conventional assets and consider which ‘alternatives’ might help mitigate these risks. Steve will also explore the Ruffer approach and explain how this balances a range of unconventional and alternative assets to build inflation protection in to the strategy.


Tony Coveney, Head of Infrastructure Asset Management

Fund: ThomasLloyd SICAV – Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund (SIIF)

Sustainable real assets – accessing the defining investment trend of this century

Asia is the world’s largest and fastest growing consumer of energy as well as the largest emitter of CO2. The scale of the green transition and the decarbonisation of Asia makes it the defining investment trend of this century for investors. By capitalising on the growing need for private sector infrastructure funding, sustainable real assets – specifically infrastructure, offers investors the opportunity to tap into fast growing markets and benefit from long-term predictable income with capital appreciation. Our investment offerings provide defensive earnings streams, diversification from other asset classes and inflation protection. Tony Coveney, Head of Infrastructure Asset Management will introduce the investment case for sustainable real assets and highlight ThomasLloyd’s demonstrated track record as a pioneer of investing in pure-play infrastructure in fast-growing and emerging economies.


Wolfram Gerlof, Client Portfolio Manager

Fund: Vescor Active Beta Opportunities