Algebris Investments

Simon Peters, Investment Strategist

Fund: Algebris Financial Credit Fund

Where To Find Income in A Yield Desert

In the current landscape, yield is scarce and bound to remain scarce. Global central banks easing has suppressed yield in high quality assets, which have traditionally represented the core of long-term investment portfolios. Currently, 27% of global Fixed Income assets yield negative, while less than 5% of the bond universe yields north of 3%. European financial bonds offer high value, as attractive yields co-exist with strong credit quality (most issuers are Investment-grade). As financials are not included in ECB QE and are off-index, they offer meaningful spreads (up to ~600bps for AT1s), even in a tight market.

Natixis Investment Managers

Daniel Nicholas, Client Portfolio Manager, Harris Associates

Fund: Harris Associates US Equity Fund

The Case for Value Investing in US Equities

Danny Nicholas, client portfolio manager at Harris Associates will discuss the Harris Associates US Equity fund, which has employed the same disciplined value approach strategy since the company formed in 1976. Danny will demonstrate how the portfolio is currently trading at a significant discount to intrinsic value for an active US Equity investor. Harris Associates are wholly owned by Natixis Investment Management, based in Chicago and manage over $100bn of assets.

Nomura Asset Management

Fraser Hedgley, Head of Client Portfolio Managers EMEA

Fund: Nomura Global Dynamic Bond Fund

Confessions of a Fixed Income Optimist

We’ve found one! It seems that a “fixed income optimist” is not an oxymoron after all. Fraser discusses both the need for optimism and caution in today’s fixed income environment, with the spectres of inflation and rate rises looming.


Nitesh Shah, Director, Research

Fund: WisdomTree Battery Solutions UCITS ETF – USD Acc (VOLT, CHRG)

Batteries – Powering the Energy Transition

An energy transition is underway. Meeting tighter environmental standards will mean a move away from hydrocarbons to renewable forms of energy. A key enabler will be battery technology. WisdomTree has developed with the expert input from Wood Mackenzie a battery value chain index and UCITS ETF tapping into this megatrend. The fund, which is celebrating its first anniversary, provides exposure across the value chain and screens constituents on Environmental, Social and Governance factors.